5 Local Things to do in Shimla

Shimla is a well known hill station known for the Snowy Winters, British Architecture and lush green hills in the surroundings. With a lot of things to do in Shimla, mostly the local aspect of the British era town gets shadowed under the magnificence of the old architecture and cool climate.

Apart from having a close connection to local community, the local food, local clothing, people and cultural aspects get mostly ignored. To take you to this hidden land, we’re going to talk about 10 Local Things to do in Shimla.


5 Local Things to do in Shimla

Connect with Local People

Connect with local people, considered one of the most helpful and easy to get along with community in India, people of Shimla are supportive, will help you around and tell you how life gets along in Shimla. Share your story with them and hear local tales from the local people of Shimla.

Eat Local Food in Shimla

Being a hilly region, the way of life is completely different here. So is the food. Himachali food is known for its richness in flavour and protein along with carrying an old traditional touch. Better Served as a meal called “Himachali Dham”.

Visit Local markets, places around Shimla

Mostly people visiting Shimla are well acquainted with The Mall Road and The Ridge Ground, most of the local places and markets around get ignored and travellers do not get the real essence of the place.  Three local markets and places around Shimla worth visiting are Sanjauli, Nav Bahar and Hussan Valley.

Local Walks on traffic restricted roads in Shimla

If you’ve heard people complaining about traffic on the roads to Shimla or the local roads in Shimla, you must get on local walks to avoid the traffic. Shimla is internally very well connected and with the help of a local host, an outsider can enjoy beautiful sunsets, sunrises and different colors across the town at different time of the day. Walk on less crowded scenic roads inside Shimla, traffic is restricted on these reads.

Eat Momos in street food shops around Mall Road

If you’re in Shimla, you just cant miss the Momos and the love for the Chinese delicacy the locals have. Don’t feel shy to ask locals where to find the best ones, you may start with Krishna Bakers on the Mall for simple yummy momos and The EBR Cafe in the Middle Bazaar for a more youthful version of Malaai Momos.


Though, the list can go on and on, its better to find a local host and explore the untouched aspects about Shimla. Find all the experiences hosted by locals and experience places like locals.


Experiences offered by Local Hosts in Shimla

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Healthy Italian Food Experience and Chat with Pro Dietician

Health Food Tour in Local Cafe run by a Local Professional Dietician in Shimla. Chat with the Local expert while
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Eco-Camp Setting Experience in Jakhu Hills

One of the pleasant outdoor experience in Shimla is a gentle walk around Jakhu Hill and a small camp setup

Rent a Mountain Bike in Shimla

Rent a mountain bike in Shimla and explore the trails and valley roads around the town. Feel the freedom and
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Mountain Biking in Country Side around Shimla

Splashing through waterfalls, streams and rivers enjoy an outdoor lunch by a riverside and drive back with wonderful Himalayan memories.
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Warm Welcome Ceremony on Arrival in Shimla

A Warm Welcome Ceremony on Arrival in Shimla is all about a pre-organised small ceremony specially designed to make you feel
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