Horse Riding in Kufri is an enthralling experience if done right with trained horseman. Kufri is a hillstation roughly 12 kilo meters from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Kufri is famous for its picturesque 360 degree view, clean and cool air and deodar forest covered slopes.


Horse Ride to Mahasu Peak in Kufri

Mahasu Peak is the highest point in Kufri where you can take a view of all the mountain ranges around
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With changing time, many kinds of amusement activities have grounded in Kufri, like adventure rides, Buggy Rides, Yak rides and what not. But Horse Riding in Kufri is not just an amazing experience for the tourists but also supports the locals who depend upon it for their livelihood. A lot of locals from surrounding villages wake up early in the morning, start preparing their horses for the day and march towards the Mahasu Peak in Kufri. Mahasu Peak is a place of tourist attraction and gives ample of space to locals to setup their shacks, temporary horse stables and local market.

If you plan to visit Kufri, don’t forget to take a horse ride along with other activities.

As the trend of local experience while traveling has caught a great momentum amongst travellers, it’s always important to get information and help from informed locals or certified local guides in a place. Though, most of us rely upon modern tech and apps to get by, we often do not get detailed information on these apps when its about off-beat locations, new unexplored experiences and theme based travel.

What about my Privacy?

In such a case, an informed local person or a certified tourist guide is the safest and best way to go ahead! But What about your privacy? Taking a stranger along is not what everyone is comfortable with. Plus, when you are on a romantic get away with your partner, it gets awkward most of the times when maintaining the distance with the guides becomes difficult.

What about my Budget?

OK, I do not have a privacy issue with my guide on my travel but I do not have enough budget to hire a guide for all day long. Though, LocalGuy offers micro tours of a few hours, solving this issue, but even then, sometimes, people do not want to hire anyone personally and cut the cost.


The simplest answer is to keep reading more and more information, which might take you days, and weeks to plan a journey. On the other hand, booking an on call support local guide from LocalGuy is cost effective, easy to manage and the best solution with plethora of local knowhow to the guides on the call.

How it Works?

Its Simple!!

  • You just select the place you are travelling in, Click the offering that looks like the package below
  • Book the Phone Call Tour Guide in places you are travelling for a day
  • Your contact information is passed on to the certified guide and the guide call you on the phone number you provided. 
  • Make the payment online to the on-call support local guide 
  • Call the guide back every time you hit a road block and ask as many questions you want to about the place and possibilities of what all you could do.


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Phone Call Tour Guide in Himachal

Phone Call Support Local Tour Guide in Himachal  is an easy and cost effective way to simplify the travel experience.
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Leave a review for the service. We help you with information to anything like local shortcuts, safe roads, local attractions, best markets to buy from, plan your day with LocalGuy etc.

Apple Season is around the corner and the state of Himachal Pradesh is going to produce 3-4 Crore boxes of Apple alone this year according to trends from past years. Apple harvesting is an amazing time of the year when orchard owners go to every corner of their land to harvest the crop. Its green all around, cozy weather with mild showers sometimes and Apple all around.

The feeling of plucking a fresh fruit from the tree and biting it is just amazing! Gushing juice from the fresh fruit in your mouth gives you a refreshing taste as well as boosts your immunity.


Things to Do Apples

Apple Plucking in Himalayan Orchards

Apple Plucking in Himalayan Orchards. I'll take you on an amazing experience of plucking fruits, in this case, Apples in
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So, why not go and join the local hosts from these orchards in the foot hills of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh and get the feel for yourself!! The season lasts for 3 months, July to Sept. in lower hills around Thanadhar, Narkanda and Kullu and Sept. to Nov. in upper hills of Kinnaur.

LocalGuy makes it easy for anyone to connect with local hosts and experience the place like a local with insider’s insights and information. Local hosts prepare local meal for the guests along with the walk in the orchards and the whole experience.

Renting a mountain bike that actually solves the purpose is a tough task to complete when you’re away from home traveling so hill station. Renting Mountain bike in Shimla which is in good quality and maintained by an expert is not just difficult but sometimes disappointing. Locals in Shimla have a high inclination towards mountain biking but very few service providers rent out for money and even they don’t keep many ready.

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To end this scarcity,  we’ve rather thought of creating a whole experience around mountain biking for leisure and availability. You can book a slot with a local experts who is well versed with local terrain, trails and brings a bike for you along with him. A LocalGuy is the best source of information about how locals explore the places around them and share with you the real story of the place.

Here are some local Trails offered by local experts in Shimla. Starting from a single day of biking around Shimla to complete biking, Eating Lodging Experiences of 4 Days.


Rent a Mountain Bike in Spiti

Rent a mountain bike in Shimla and explore the trails and valley roads around the town. Feel the freedom and
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Cycling Through Mashobra and Rafting in Chabba

Shimla with its network of natural trails is a cyclist’s delight. Cycling through forests and small villages and quaint hamlets;
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Bike and Hike Adventure Bashleo Pass, Jalori Pass, Tirthan Valley

Cradled within a yet untouched forest heartland, the Jalori Pass offers Nature’s breathing life– bountiful flora and fauna amidst the
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Rent a Mountain Bike in Shimla

Rent a mountain bike in Shimla and explore the trails and valley roads around the town. Feel the freedom and
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We at LocalGuy strive to get the best experiences for travelers and connect them with Local people. Meet the man who built a House with NO new wood and put in place a magnificent piece of beauty and luxury. Meet our LocalGuy Bunkim Chadha, Who gets his inspirations from nature.


Bunkim, a foodie at heart with a knack for cooking, shares about himself, ” I am photography enthusiast who enjoys mounting biking and practice permaculture. Professionally, I am a social entrepreneur and have been associated in the development sector for the last 8 years. Prior to taking up the homestay project, I worked for a youth-led NGO, Swechha as the Business head of their fair trade arm. I continue to volunteer for various NGOs and WWF community activities in and around Shimla.”bunkim_profile

The Press House Bnb is an escapade of transforming recycled wood into something ecstatic. The Press House Bnb completely built with love, thought and upcycled wood. Experience of staying here with us takes you away from the noise of the city and you find yourself facing one of the highest mountain ranges of Himachal, Conserved forest area of Kufri Catchmnt and open skies.

On the deck, at The Press House Bnb you get Barbecue experience under the sky with open horizon. Feeling the cool breeze on top of warmth from the Barbecue and taste of grilled meat/ chicken/ Paneer.

Studio apartment which boasts of furniture completely made up of upcycled wood and eco friendly material deigned beautifully offer comfy beds for 4 or more. Kitchen is well equipped and pets are welcomed too!

Take a look at the Press house Bnb pictures and details and select your winter holiday destination!



Tourism Business in Himachal Pradesh largely depends upon Local people, running small and medium enterprises and freelancers who make most of the transactions in cash. Life was running smoothly until our PM announced a currency ban on the 500 and 100 denominations. With the winter tourism season gaining pace in Shimla, the small service providers, like Horse riding guys, freelance local guides, small home-stay owners, adventure and other experience curators landed in a mess with tourists handing them the banned currency notes.

How Tourism Businesses in Himachal are using technology during Currency Ban

Among all of this turmoil, long queues outside ATMs and rush in Banks, local guys are joining portals like Paytm to accept money and to list their business and get instant bookings from tourists and travelers. Startups like are building market places where any local service provider can list their activity or experience based service with their authenticated profile and get instant bookings.

localguy shimla

The service is so simple to use that anyone can list their activity with their photograph and profile and get bookings front he travelers.  Activities such as sight-seeing, horse-riding, guided walks, curated lunch/dinner experiences, special occasion celebrations, adventure activities and many more.

Only condition being that the local person has to submit valid ID and details of their activity using a simple form on the portal itself.

The recent move by the government is being considered a game changer in local commerce and is leading to a big leap towards digitization on local grounds.

With the onset of winters, there is no end to best things to do in Shimla or activities organized by locals in Shimla. Once you are here, Shimla treats you with Mall road and branching out paved paths filled with British Architectural marvels, Local food joints endorsing Himachali cuisine, local Shimla mountaineers ready to take you to adventure camps and riversides and certified Guides to explain you what makes this town so happening!! We have compiled a list of local experiences for you.


Best Things to do in Shimla Activities organized by Locals in Shimla


Barbecue, BnB and Eco Friendly Stay at The Press House

The Press House Bnb is an escapade of transforming recycled wood into something ecstatic. The Press House Bnb completely built
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Survival Night Weekend Wilderness Fun

LocalGuy: Pranav Rawat Speaks English, Hindi   An avid mountaineer and an apple farmer. My recent endeavor was India’s epic frozen waterfall
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The Heritage Miles Walk Shimla

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Christ Church, Ridge / Vice Regal Lodge, Boileauganj DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the schedule.

Ride a Royal Enfield on Hills in Shimla with Himalayan riders

LocalGuy: Ishan gupta Speaks English, Hindi Himalayas offer a great opportunity of Riding on and off road on top pf a
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Traditional Himachali Food spread Dham

Here in the Himachali Rasoi we are primarily offering a traditional festive spread called a Dham. Dham is served on
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Romantic Date at Café Under Tree (Highest Café in Shimla)

Special Romantic Date at Café  Under Tree (Highest Café  in Shimla). A fairy tale treatment to the couple to never forget
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We all love watching one of the highly rated reality shows on television, “Man vs Wild” featuring Bear Grills as a survival skills expert who demonstrates skills to survive in inhumane conditions and circumstances where normal people give-up hopes of survival.

How would it be if we had such an expert of mountains and outdoors here in India and we could go out in his guidance and test our survival skills, walk under the stars, forage for food and build a shelter with hands and minimum tools? Well, its very much possible.

Link : Survival Skills Weekend Camp by Pranav (limited spots)

If you remember watching a video of two determined men climbing  a frozen waterfall in Himalayas, one of them is Pranav Rawat, an avid mountaineer and survival expert who’s back with his Survival Night Weekend Wilderness Fun in the GiriGanga camp.

In Pranav Rawat’s words,”My recent endeavor was India’s epic frozen waterfall climb where I climbed the Shela waterfall (260 ft, WI4). Near Kaza town, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. With over a decade spent in the mountains, independent exploration has been the focus of my mountaineering career. I am gradually foraying into alpinism and ice climbing, trying to push the boundaries of the sport in context of our country.”


He further adds,”Survival Night Weekend Wilderness Fun is all about making different type of light weight shelter with available materials and have to survive whole night in Nov cold. The program is more about have fun and adventure and test your limits and go beyond your imagination of sleeping outside in the wilderness.”

If you are up for an adventure and want to test your survival skills in mountains with an expert, you don’t have to wait anymore.

Link : Survival Skills Weekend Camp by Pranav (limited spots)


LocalGuy came along as an idea from the founder’s very own experiences while traveling across India. Not a frequent traveler though, but when Anuj was out on a road trip with his friend Sahil on a Royal Enfield. “We had no plan what so ever”, said Anuj with an expression full of excitement on his face,” and yet we rented this machine (Royal Enfield ). Sahil had come to Shimla and it was a total surprise. The moment he landed, I was supposed to pick him up in my car, collect our gear, park the car and begin on our completely unplanned travel.”

Just to get an idea about which direction they must ride, Anuj called one of his mentors who runs a travel boutique company Being Out There. Dhananjay Ahluwalia (DJ Bhaai) just sent him a single message over Whatsapp with a rough idea of the route and phone numbers of a couple of Local Guys to call to manage stay and food at night fall. This whole incident made them feel the difference local people can make in a great experience.