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The scorching heat of the plains has led to the heavy inflow of tourists in Himachal Pradesh. The social media and the newspapers are submerged with pictures of long traffic jams occurring in Shimla due to the tourist vehicles.

The District Administration took a step ahead in order to solve this problem, so that no distress is caused to the people. So now, the tourist vehicles coming from Chandigarh and going beyond Shimla will be diverted from Shogi towards Dhalli. In the similar manner the tourist vehicles returning from stations beyond Shimla and heading towards Chandigarh will be diverted from Dhalli Bypass towards Shogi.



The administration has also imposed a ban on plying of pick-up vehicles between 7.45 AM and 10AM in Shimla.
Further, the schools will have to remain closed on all Saturdays in the month of June. Till 30th June, The Loreto Convent ,Tara Hall will open 10 minutes earlier at 8 AM and Auckland School will open at 8.30 AM.

The police will also be deployed at various places in order to check the wrongly parked vehicles. The police will also be seen patrolling in the NH.

Furthermore, the Tutikandi parking will also be used for the parking of tourist vehicles. The HRTC taxi’s will ply from Tutikandi every 10-15 minutes to carry the tourists to and from the town. The construction material will also not be allowed to be stagged on the road .
Magistrates have also been put on duty in oder to monitor the situations occurring in the city.

The Indian cuisine consists of diverse traditional dishes which vary from one region to the other. In the Indian sub-continent there is diversity of climate, soil, topography, culture, occupation etc. and all of these have an impact on the local food of India .

In Himachal Pradesh the food varies from one region to the other, because of the climatic conditions and topographical alignment.
The people of Himachal Pradesh have sabji, roti, dall, chawal, etc., in their normal meal, but on the special occasions the Famous Himachali Food Dham is prepared.
Dham is a traditional food festival celebrated by the people of Himachal Pradesh with great ecstasy.



Siddu & Ghee Traditional Himachali Food

Siddu is basically steamed wheat bun with fillings varying in flavor and ingredients. Siddu is best served steaming hot with
5.00 / 1 review
per person

Traditional Himachali Food spread Dham

Here in the Himachali Rasoi we are primarily offering a traditional festive spread called a Dham. Dham is served on
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The traditional dham differs in every region of the state.
In the lower regions of HP the dham consists of rice ,madra (a dish prepared with chik pea ,curd ,coconut  along with twenty spices) ,mash ki dall, chutney, and dessert.


Famous Himachali Food

Whereas, in the upper regions of Himachal Pradesh, mostly the areas of jubbal-rohru-kotkhai and the surrounding areas, a special dish called the siddu is prepared.
This dish is prepared by stuffing the fermented dough with special fillings like, soyabean, sesame seeds, afeem daana etc. Various types of pulses are also used as a stuffing . This dish is mostly served with ghee or mint chutney.

In a dham the siddu is basically a more delicious substitute of the roti .
One can have the siddu with with the main course meal or can have it as a proper meal along with ghee,curd or chutney .

The dessert of the dhams consist of kheer (made of rice and milk along with dry fruits) ,the halwa or sweet rice (made up of boondi or bread crums).
Various types of vegetables like pumpkin,aloo ki sabji, aloo-gobi ,mattar paneer are also served in a dham.

In some parts of Himachal Pradesh, puri and roti’s are also served .
And even the sweet roti known as malpude are also served .
The dham is prepared on special occasions like ceremonies, pujans ,weddings etc .
It is a complete meal to enjoy the traditional cuisine of himachal pradesh.
This dham is prepared by the people of himachal pradesh with love and joy and everybody is welcomed by the people of Himachal Pradesh to taste the delicious traditional food.


The dishes of himachal pradesh


Madra is a dish which belongs to the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. One can find this delicacy mostly prepared in the Chamba and Kangra districts of Himachal Pradesh. This dish is made using chickpeas, curd ,coconut and different varieties of spices, which enhance the flavour of the dish.
Madra is among one of the most loved dishes of Himachal Pradesh.

The himachali dham is a lunch meal served mostly in the parts of mandi ,chamba,bilaspur, solan and kangra district of Himachal Pradesh .The dham is prepared on special occasions and is a meal full of nutritional values .
The dham consists of rice ,dall, roti ,vegetables, dessert etc .The distinctive feature of this himachali delicacy is that it is prepared by a team of chef’s known as the ‘botis’.


Tudikiya bath

The tudkiya bath is very famous in the district of chamba. This rice is prepared by adding a takda to the rice along with spices, vegetables, curd ,coriander etc.
The tudkiya bath is a quick and delicious meal of the people of Himachal Pradesh.
This dish is accompanied by chutney, curd and drops of lime juice to add a tangy flavour to the dish .

Chha ghost

This is a lamb dish, having it’s origin in the chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.
This dish is prepared by marinating the lamb and then cooking it on a low flame . The gravy of this dish is made up of curd and gram flour .
This dish has various types of spices such as bay leaf ,curry leaf, ginger , garlic ,cardamom etc.



The siddu is one of the most famous himachali dish .
This dish is made by adding stuffing to the fermented dough and then it is steamed .
The siddu is served with ghee ,curd or chutney.
This dish is mostly made in shimla and kullu district of Himachal Pradesh .This dish also has a varied variety of stuffings in it .


Babru is a famous dish of the District Shimla .
This dish has a filling of black daal along with spices.
This babru is also called the bharwa puri and is served with vegetables.
Babru is the himachali version of kachoris, and is served with vegetables and corriander chutney.

Dharamshala is a city surrounded by cedar forests on the edge of the Himalayas. This city is home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government. It is located in Kangra district at a distance of 18km. Dharamshala has been selected as one of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under PM Narendra Modi’s flagship.

On 19 January 2017 CM Virbhadra Singh declared Dharamshala as the second capital of Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala is one of the most frequent spots. It is famous for Tibetan culture, handicrafts and temples.

Places to visit in Dharamshala


local walk dharamshala

Exploratory Village walk with a local writer

We'll walk from Gyuto Karma Monastery (Sidhbari, 9km downhill from Dharamshala town to village Banordu from there along fields and
per person

•Dharamshala Cricket Stadium : It is a picturesque cricket stadium located in the Dharamshala. The city served as a home ground for the HP cricket team Ranji Trophy and other domestic matches. This stadium also hosted some IPL matches. It is situated at an altitude of 1457m above the sea level and snow covered mountains in the background.

•St.John Wilderness Church: It was built in 1852. It was located on the way to McLeod Ganj and was built in the dedication to John the Baptist. This is situated at a height of 5,742feet above the sea level. It is easily accessible from McLeod Ganj. There are pine and deodar trees around church courtyard. The unique feature of the church is architecture of the polished wood.

•War memorial : This place is known for sitting ideally in the forest in the hill town. It was built in the memory of those who died during the Indochina war of 1947-48 , 1962 ,1965 and 1971. There are three huge panels of black stones so that we can preserve their memories.

•Dul Lake Dharamshala : It is situated near the village of Tota Rani in kangra district. It was surrounded by deodar trees. It is also considered as sacred spot as their was a small shiv mandir on its bank.

•Tea Garden Dharamshala : Dharamshala has beautifully lined and organized tea gardens. Chilgari is known for its tea gardens and tourist’s are allowed to visit tea gardens. The road’s have tea gardens on each side with lush green pine trees.

•BhagsuNag Waterfall : It is situated in the Bhagsu village behind BhasuNag temple near McLeod Ganj. It is 3km away from McLeod Ganj and 7km from Dharamshala. It is a popular picnic spot and well known for trekking.


More Places to Visit around Dharamshala

•Namgyal Monastery : It located in McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala. It is a personal monastery of the 14th Dalai Lama. It’s role is to assist with rituals involving the Dalai lama of Tibet. It is a famous tourist spot.

•BhagsuNag Temple : It is situated in bhagsu village near McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala. This temple is dedicated to God Shiva. This temple was constructed by King Bhagsu after seeking forgiveness from snake god.It is worshipped by many visitors.

•Triund: It is a small hill station located at the foot of Dhauladhar ranges at the height of 2,828m.It is a part of Dharamkot in Kangra district.It is a crown jewel of Dharamshala. It is a very popular trekking spot. Tourists enjoy the evening sky from Triund.

•Kalachakra Temple: It is famous for Tsuglagkhang Temple which represents the murals and architecture of the Tibet’s rich and spiritual artistic ethnicity of the temple.It is a famous Buddhist temple that is dedicated to Kalachakra and used by Dalai Lama as a centre for public teaching.

Explorers have been riding in the Himalayas for past many years and exploring places Shimla, Manali and Dharamshala. As these places get crowded and often pose major traffic jams, cars and buses get stranded for hours and bikers penetrate the jams and maneuver through the queues of vehicles.  For travellers who want to begin with their rides in the city of Shimla, Manal and Dharamshala, daily bike rentals are the best option!!

Bike on Rent & Bullet on Rent in Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala

bike on rent bullet on rent



Its upto one’s choice so as to rent ride a Royal Enfield or any other motor bike as needed, all you need is a valid driver’s license and pay some security deposits up in advance. Always keep the following things in mind while renting a bike in Himachal:

  1. Always Rent a bike from a verified vendor
  2. Check the bike for good condition, if you find and scratches and bruises, click pictures of it in your phone
  3. Only accept the bike if you find it in good quality
  4. Pay Security Deposit and ask for a receipt
  5. Check RC, Insurance and Pollution Check Papers of the vehicle.
  6. Plan your route and ask for break down support if provided by the vendor.


Rent a Royal Enfield Bullet Motor Bike in Dharamshala

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Rent a Motor Bike, Bike on Rent in Shimla

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Rent a Royal Enfield Bullet Motor Bike in Manali

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Rent a Royal Enfield Bullet Motor Bike in Shimla

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To know is OK, but to have the right knowledge is undoubtedly essential. When talking about Places to visit around Shimla, its important to know the WHYs than to WHAT.


Places to visit around Shimla

1. CHAIL: Chail is a hill station of himachal Pradesh. It is 44 km from Shimla and 45 km from solan. It is known for its salubrious beauty and virgin forests. It is also frequented by hikers as it offers wonderful views of the lower Himalayas. It has good trekking points from Junga, Kufri and Ashwani Khad at Solan.  The world’s highest cricket ground and the heritage hotel, Chail Palace, in the midst of pine and deodar trees. It is surrounded by lush greenery and mesmerizing views from such a great height, known as a hiker’s paradise, Chail is bound to give a tourist a memorable travelling experience to a tourist. This place is famous for having the world’s highest cricket and polo grounds and has a luxurious resort situated on three hilltops.


2. NALDEHRA: Naldehra is a town which is away from the humdrum lifestyle of the city life and maintain a tranquility in the atmosphere, perhaps considered to be the most renowned hill station in Himachal Pradesh.The place is also known for the golf course which constitutes the design resonant of Scottish link and was built by the British Governor Lord Curzon. The golf course is considered to be the oldest nine holes course in India. The place is composed with the ample amount of greenery and eye-soothing scenario.

Places of interest:
– Naldehra Golf Course
– Walks in apple orchards of Mashobra
Enjoyable activities:
– Forest walks
– Heritage walks
– White water river rafting
– Horse-riding



One day tour to the Seven hills of Shimla

One Day tour of Shimla, Sightseeing In Shimla including Taxi fare. Visiting the significant of the seven Hills of Shimla
per person


3. HATU PEAK NARKANDA: Hatu peak is the second highest peak in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at an elevation of 11,152 ft above sea level. The peak is surrounded by dense forest of conifers, oaks and maples. Hatu Peak lies on the Shimla-Rampur Highway nearly 71 km from Shimla. The roads are in good condition until Narkanda which is nearly 8 km from the peak. From here you can either trek for 8 km or go by bike or car. From there the peak can be accessed by bike or car but the road is difficult to use and only one car can climb at a time At the top of the peak is a small wooden temple called Hatu temple. According to local belief the famous Hatu Mata temple is the temple of Maa Kaali. Scenic beauty of the Shivalik Hills can be enjoyed on the steep road to Hatu Peak.  There are various species of conifers growing in the area which cover the substantial part of the forest. These are:

Abies pindrow,
Cedrus deodar,
Cryptomeria japonica,
Picea smithiana,
Pinus wallichiana,
Taxus contorta.
4. TARA DEVI TEMPLE: The Tara Devi Temple is a holy place, located 11 km away from the Shimla Bus Stand. It is positioned amid a thick forest of oak and rhododendron and offers scenic views of the lofty Himalayas surrounding the town. The temple is very famous among tourists as the clean and fresh atmosphere here helps them relax from the day to day worries of life.  Tara Devi Temple is an ideal place for a person seeking peace and tranquility.  Tara Devi Temple is an ideal place for a person seeking peace and tranquility. The journey to this temple is an amazing experience in its own. Visitors have to walk down to the temple through the deep forests of pine trees and green padtures. The Tara Devi temple is believed to be built around 250 years back. During its early days, the enchanting temple had a wooden idol of Tara Devi placed in its complex. Later on, the temple got shifted to the top of the hill with a much attractive idol of the deity, made out of a rare combination of eight elements.

5. SANKAT MOCHAN TEMPLE: The Sankat Mochan Temple is located among lush green and tranquil locales in this beautiful hill station. The temple is a place where one can actually meditate and enjoy the calm and peaceful surroundings. Lush green trees surround Sankat  Mochan Temple and the backdrop consists of the imposing and lofty Himalayan ranges and a light mist adds the mystical touch to that place.  Tourists visit this temple to pay obeisance to the deities of Lord Rama and other notable gods of the Hindu pantheon. This spiritual destination is located approximately 5 kilometers away from Shimla and it is the second most popular tourist spot after Jakhu Temple.  Visitors get to see navgrah temple , lord shiva temple , and temple of sage baba neeb krori maharaj ji.  Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj came to this beautiful place and discovered the perfect spot for meditation and soulful introspection. After staying here for 10 days, he desired that a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman should be built here.More



More Places to visit around Shimla


6. SHALI PEAK :It is located in naldehra shimla which combines a amazing greenery with a magical climate, a match made in heaven. The trek crosses densely covered forests, a beautiful experience in itself. The lush greenery and an expansive landscape will open up your senses to an unprecedented worldview, perfect to make your trip an unforgettable one. View from the top of the hill will make the long and challenging trek worth it . Shaily’s peak in Naldehra, Shimla offers a picturesque location that fulfils all your desires, for a quiet, mesmeric and soothing hill top. The heavenly view from the top is earned, through an arduous climb that is theoretically challenging but soon becomes a blessing in disguise as you wander through the thick forests and the green shrubs, the journey is itself lively and rewarding. Be sure to catch the sunrise or the sunset, from the Shaily’s peak, for a once in a lifetime opportunity.



Walk to the Mall Road and Take Ropeway to the Jakkhu hill

Walk to the Mall Road and take Shimla Ropeway to the Jakhu hills. Enjoy a horse ride on The Ridge
per person


7. FAGU: Fagu is one of the snowy retreats in the state . Its swaying green fields with the snow covered Himalayas at its backdrop. It forms an excellent base for trekkers, botanists, and naturist who come to explore the beautiful countryside of Shimla, which is easily accessible from Fagu.It is located 20 km from Shimla is an untouched beauty personified. This place is perfect destination to simply unwind and to connect to the tranquility of the verdant valleys and silent villages. Located at an height of 2450 meters this place is generally engulfed in clouds thus got its name Fagu which means Fog. Hatu top at Fagu gives a splendor view of the scenery around. The closest airport is at Jubbar-Hatti, 45 km away. The nearest narrow gauge railhead is at Shimla, 22 km away. The picturesque countryside is dotted with clusters of villages, fruit gardens and nearby terraced fields. Fog characterizes the hillside landscape endowed with romantic ambience.


8. SADHUPUL: Sadhupul is a small village in  Himachal Pradesh between Solan and Chail , located at the site of a small bridge constructed over the hill river “Ashwini”. Sadhupul is an adventurous and fun destination. It is ideal location for picnics and to spend time in weekends with family.  it is a village near Chail , Solan & Shimla where a stream flows under a concrete bridge, it is an ideal place for outings. The access by road to Sadhupul is convenient and easy as it is on the way to Chail the famous hill station. This destination offers unlimited excitement. The benches are set-up in the middle of the river where one can sit while eating food ordered from the nearby vendors or brought from home. People can play in water here, and can also arrange camp fires in the chilly evenings of early winter months. A good destination for arranging family picnics and camping in summer months. The place being on the bank of a shallow stream is picturesque having old world charm.


9. CRAIGNANO: It is a destination, which was originally the summer resort of the Italian countess of Craignano, is located a few kilometers away from Naldehra. Surrounded by beautiful oak and pine trees, the place gives a breathtaking view of the gardens filled with an abundance of flowers such as daffodils, hyacinths, asphodels and celandine. It is located approximately 18 km from Shimla at an altitude of 2,149 meters above sea level. Craignano is also a famous picnic spot, where activities like rappelling, rock climbing, and fishing are common.  There are some villa which are constructed with woods amidst dense forest of oak and pine trees. The villa was made by an Italian photographer- Chevalier Federico Peliti, who named it in memory of his hometown, Craignano. Set on a cliff, it is encircled by small streams and forest of pine and oak trees. This villa includes a sprawling lawn, stone benches and night lamps that constitute the architectural style of the colonial era. Craignano is popular for the world’s highest water lift that is located at an altitude of around 7657 ft. The water lift was earlier made by the British but now it is used for supplying water to Shimla and surrounding areas.


Nature Walk in Kufri Catchment Area

Guided Walk in the picturesque Kufri Catchment Area with Candid Photography to capture your special moments in high definition.
per person



10. SHIMLA RESERVE FOREST SANCTUARY: This forest is located 11km away from Shimla into the forest sanctuary. This place is ideal for photographers and tourists alike. The reserve forests span over 950 hectares of  land and have a varied altitude ranging from 2km to 2.5km. This reserve is well connected to the chail Sanctuary. This sanctuary exhibits vivid flora and fauna of its own kind. With breathtaking views, one would love to stay here forever. The nine perennial streams which include god ki nala flows through its catchment. Due to various security reasons, the tourist must take permission before entering this sanctuary. This sanctuary offers even trekking and mountaineering. The forest includes pine, oak, cedar and rhododendron, as well as maple and horse chestnut, combined with shrubs, grasses and wildflowers. Wildlife lovers may also spot kakkar (barking deer), jackals, Himalayan eagle, and leopards in the sanctuary. Besides, birds like Himalayan eagle, pheasant, chikor and partridge are also spotted here.

It’s a frequently searched question about Shimla, that in total, How many Hills are there in Shimla? The Answer is unexpected!!

Shimla is known as the Queen of Hills. One reason is the fact that it is surrounded by Seven Hills. These seven hills or sister are the important part of the Shimla. Today, these seven sisters or hills keep the heritage of Shimla in safe condition. These hills offer a wide variety of trails to visitor’s to explore. The seven hills are:

The Seven Hills Of Shimla

•Prospect Hill

This hill is located in western part of Shimla city. It is one of the most popular religious destinations, which has Kamna Devi’s Temple at the top. The temple also provides a glorious view. It comprises of the dense deodar forest, surrounding hills and the toy train which is running to and from the Tara Devi. This hill is an ideal paradise for the photographers, bird watchers, nature lovers and the trekkers.

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•Summer Hill

Summer Hill is one of the suburbs which are located in western part of the city. This place is located just 5 km away from the center of the city. It is also one of the stations for the Kalka Shimla toy train.  Some prominent personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi and Princess Amrit Kaur stayed in this area, when they visited Shimla.

•Observatory Hill

Observatory hill is located in the western part of Shimla. Today, it houses the IIAS, Indian institute of Advanced Study which is one of the tourist attractions. The building was constructed in 1884 to the 1888 for the Viceroy of India, Lord Dufferin’s summer residence. The main historic event was the Shimla Conference in 1945. After independence, this building was known as the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Subsequently, this building was used to house the IIAS.

•Inverarm Hill

Inverarm Hill is located in the western part of the Shimla. The main sightseeing spot on the inverarm hill is the State Museum and the Bird Park. The aviary has lot of different birds which also includes the resplendent Himalayan Monal, which also the State Bird of Himachal Pradesh. The State Museum is very popular with the tourists and the visitors. It displays the history, culture and the heritage of the Himachal Pradesh. Most of the people visit the State Museum by traveling in cars and the cabs. But, the adventurous people prefer trekking to this panoramic hill through the forest which has the birds, butterflies, flowers and trees.

•Bantony Hill

Bantony Hill is located in the central heart of Shimla city. This hill was named after the Lord Bantony. Bantony Castle, which is a major landmark of Shimla, is located on the Bantony Hill. After independence, the castle was used as the office for the city railway board. After some time, the building was declared as the unsafe and today, the deserted castle is in ruins. It has been declared as the impermissible property. Apart from the castle ruins, the Bantony hill also has a Central Government’s guest house which is known as the Grand hotel.

•Jakoo Hill

The highest point of Shimla, Jakoo hill is located in western part of the Shimla city. This hill is located just 2 kilometers from the centre of the city. The main attraction of the Jakoo Hill is the ancient temple of the Lord Hanuman, the Jakhoo Temple. Visitor’s also enjoy the best sunrise and the sunset from the temple. For reaching the temple, you have to climb 300 meters, which goes through the pine and deodar forests.

•Elysium Hill Shimla

Elysium Hill is located at the north western part of Shimla. It reaches out towards the Shim Ridge of the Bharari Spur. This part of the Shimla has the Longwood and the Auckland House. You should visit Elysium Hill to see the view of Shimla city, which is spread down below in the valley. You will pass the Auckland House, when you are going to Lakkar Bazar. When you are trekking to the Elysium Hill, you will pass the villages of Kamiana and the Pabo.



Firstly, let me introduce you to the founder of LocalGuy,  Mr. Anuj Sharma. Localguy is the first recognized Start-up of Himachal Pradesh and it was lunched in November 2018 by Honourable Chief Minister Shri Jairam Thakur ji, in presence of Honourable Minister of Industries Shri Vikram Thakur ji and Honourable Minister of Education Shri Suresh Bharadwaj ji.



LocalGuy is a web based Software as a Service portal that enables local people of Himachal to become local hosts and offer activities directly to travelers.

•It’s aims to cater unorganized sector and enable micro – entrepreneurs in cities to connect directly with travelers and give travelers a chance to access the unexplored local experiences in a city/village which would be invisible on other tourism agency portal.
•It helps travelers discover local experiences in cities they travel and book them on the go.
•Local experts to host experience based activities on the portal with their profile attached and enables travelers to book the experiences according to duration , cost and interest.
•It aims to empower Local micro – entrepreneurs with micro – finance credit facilities depending upon their needs and profile.
•It is impacting the people throughout Himachal Pradesh and from past one month more than 200 people who have registered themselves as a local hosts on our portal.
•Localguy is a website where it helps the travelers to know about each and every places and also experiences outdoor activities.
So it becomes interesting when experiences is unique. And therr is  online booking available on the portal. So that you can connect with the host directly.


Plant Trees each time you Travel in Himalayas, The crown jewel of India. In India, it is an ever fascinating expanse that refuses to fade from popularity. Thousands of people come to the Himalayan belt in search for adventure , peace and moksha. The mountain range is also known for its magnificent , high , snow – covered peaks that attracts adventurous mountaineers to explore the wild life that thrives in the alpine conditions.
The state earns most of its revenue from the tourism sector. Frequent disasters like landslides and cloudbursts have led to various obstruction in the tourism sector. The communities are very aware of the wealth attained from this forest area.



Plant a tree in Shimla | Leave Trees not Trash behind

Take this activity and we'll take you to the nearest green zone where you can plant a a sapling, which
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The plantation in these forests will encourage participatory approach with direct community involvement in the conservation action and simultaneously generating local employment ,along with implementation and monitoring which will support the rural economy. The project will be implemented with promotion of multipurpose native trees. By paying more emphasis on raising its multiple socio – environment benefits. The plantation will help to absorb a mature forest area while making the environment green.

Many people decide to enrich their gardens by planting trees. Most of them do it for the beauty or to provide extra shade during summer months. However, there are more benefits from trees than you might think.
Other than providing relaxation , these trees also help us in connecting with nature and their calming effect , the trees do a lot when it comes to the environment.

Benefits of plantation of trees ÷
•Trees reduces the urban heat island effects through evaporative cooling and reducing the amount of sunlight.
•Tree helps in absorbing odor and pollutant gases such as sulfur dioxide , ozone , nitrogen oxides , etc and provide us with fresh air.
•Trees helps in improving health as they strongly encourage people to go to parks or in green environment for walking , exercising , or biking which helps them reduce obesity and keep them fit.
•Trees shield us from ultra-violet rays which are very harmful for human beings as these rays can cause the most common form of cancer i.e. skin cancer. Trees help in protecting from ultra-violet rays as they reduce UV-B exposure.



Plant a tree in Manali | Leave Trees not Trash behind

Take this activity and we'll take you to the nearest green zone where you can plant a a sapling, which
per person


•Trees provide food for human beings and also for birds and wildlife. We can plant fruit trees like an apple tree which does not take much space and can be easily planted on the tiniest urban lot.
•Trees also contribute to boosting biodiversity as they become a food source and natural habitat for wildlife. Trees that are mostly planted as shelters for birds , squirrels , and bees are oak and sycamore.


So, the plantation of trees is extremely important and has always been required for developing the human existence conditions and lifestyle. You should participate in saving the trees to reduce global warming , to reduce the carbon footprint and pollution as well as to attain a clean and green environment.

I am going to begin this conversation right from the issue itself!! No fluff, not stories. As we are observing the importance of conserving the natural resources, many more rules, laws and conventions are appearing for the cause of protecting the environment but there is no effective implementation. What’s missing?? Active Participation of youth!!  In this whole process of awareness and active conservation,  youth of the present will certainly play a vital role. Youth constitute a large part of the world’s population and the young generation can directly have an impact in simple ways which are more nature friendly by adopting recycled goods of different material as well as preserving natural resources, water and electricity.
Engaging youth in nature protection not only creates direct impact on changing youth behaviour and attitude but possibly influence their parents , relatives and families.

Today’s youth is brought up on new era where the natural disasters and issues relating to climate change have loomed large but still are kept under the cover by global media. Young generation is exposed to formal and informal environmental education but still stay largely unaware of the cause and effect of the climate change. Let’s take small examples. Youth engaging in outdoor activities  can maintain the cleanness of the pastures of high mountains, reduce pollution, avoid using one time usable plastic, carry waste back with them, etc .
Stringent acts like turn your back to products of companies who flout the rules, consumer boycotts and protests can be the most effective ways of expression, eventually causing companies to rethink their corporate strategy.

  • Apart from having a greater stake in the more distant future , youth are properly poised to promote nature awareness simply due to the fact that they often have better access to information about the environment than their elders.
  • They can introduce fresh ideas and outlooks to environment – related issues because anti – ecological ways of thinking and behaving are not ingrained in them.
  • A major reason why the youth ought to take the lead in protecting the nature is stronger awareness of the issues and a greater stake in long-term sustainability.
  • Commercialization in every aspects of life is severely affecting the youth of today.

In addition to these effects on the whole , technologies that increasingly distance people from the environmental effects of their consumption decision are growing with globalization , acting as an impediment to nature awareness. So, youth individually and as a part of organization should work jointly with other corresponding organizations so that the effectiveness of the efforts increase and anticipated result can be obtained. At last role should be directed to produce ecological citizens rather than green consumers.

Horse Riding in Kufri is an enthralling experience if done right with trained horseman. Kufri is a hillstation roughly 12 kilo meters from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Kufri is famous for its picturesque 360 degree view, clean and cool air and deodar forest covered slopes.


Horse Ride to Mahasu Peak in Kufri

Mahasu Peak is the highest point in Kufri where you can take a view of all the mountain ranges around
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With changing time, many kinds of amusement activities have grounded in Kufri, like adventure rides, Buggy Rides, Yak rides and what not. But Horse Riding in Kufri is not just an amazing experience for the tourists but also supports the locals who depend upon it for their livelihood. A lot of locals from surrounding villages wake up early in the morning, start preparing their horses for the day and march towards the Mahasu Peak in Kufri. Mahasu Peak is a place of tourist attraction and gives ample of space to locals to setup their shacks, temporary horse stables and local market.

If you plan to visit Kufri, don’t forget to take a horse ride along with other activities.

During my visits to Shimla, one thing that I’ve always missed is the easy happy culture of small cafes that one enjoys in Manali, Chandigarh or even in Delhi. Though everyone goes to Shimla for its amazing climate, clean air and open skies, during stroll on the Mall Road, or walks around the city, only options you’re left with is Fine Dining, road side dhabas or old restaurants.

I recently came across a Cafe quietly sitting in the middle Bazaar down the stairs which are famous for Chhole Bhatoore, run by a young couple passionate about food and music. Cafe EBR is a new addition to the town and pretty much answers the question. When I visited this place for the first time, I actually had this thought that Cafe Culture in Shimla is giving itself a second Chance!


EBR Cafe


This new delight cafe is a small venture of a young couple out of Shimla, Shiven and his wife Vipasha. Shiven is a cheerful guy, a musician and finance industry expert before he started out with the cafe and Vipasha is a locally known professional dietician. The menu is healthy and planned by her keeping in view the health aspects of the food and offers a separate health menu to the health conscious!

The EBR Cafe offers Mexican and Italian food with a few experiments on Indian Street food. They also have Super fulfilling wraps and Salad Bowls. Do not forget to ask for Malaai Momos if you are serious about yummy experiments. If you want to feel extra special they even offer Detox Shots to get your  metabolism on track. Rs. 500 for two feeds you well.

Other Well known Cafes in the town have paved the way for new entrants by setting the tone. Wake n Bake, a cafe located on the Mall Road stands out to serve you Italian food.

Then there is Cafe Under Tree with its unique concept of interiors and and amazing location at the top of Shimla, nestled in the middle of deodar trees behind the famous Jakhoo temple, you’ll not find new anything in terms of food, but its a fantastic place to chill with your dear ones.

Cafe Shimla Times is one place that won’t let you miss the glitz of the Cafes in big cities. They offer you a variety of food and Bottled Beer.

If you’ve been an old timer to Shimla, you must be missing the Park Cafe that once served as the centre of youngster’s retreat in the town but closed at the moment. Apart from these places, Shimla as a town didn’t have anything to boast about any place as a Cafe that you could enter carefree and enjoy.


Cafe under Tree

Cafe culture seems to take a grip in the once colonial town of Shimla with youngsters showing their interest in culinary arts.


To experience the town of Shimla from an insider’s view and get along the local way of living, check out these experiences.


Health Food Tour in Local Cafe

Health Food Tour in Local Cafe run by a Local Professional Dietician in Shimla. Chat with the Local expert while
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Healthy Italian Food Experience and Chat with Pro Dietician

Health Food Tour in Local Cafe run by a Local Professional Dietician in Shimla. Chat with the Local expert while
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Romantic Date at Café Under Tree (Highest Café in Shimla)

Special Romantic Date at Café  Under Tree (Highest Café  in Shimla). A fairy tale treatment to the couple to never forget
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Rent a Mountain Bike in Shimla

Rent a mountain bike in Shimla and explore the trails and valley roads around the town. Feel the freedom and
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