This Himachali startup is changing the way you travel one destination at a time. Would you feel immense joy if we told you that you could explore the intricates of your travel destination with the assistance of the skillful locals who could guide your way into you the most serene places wherein you could treat your eyes by exploiting the beauty of nature? You read it right, helps you connect with the most credible locals at your vacation spot who present you with the best services. It is even easier than it sounds. All you’ve got to do is pick a date and book a local on the website and you are good to go!



Localguy is a Himachal based startup and it has revamped how you explore and connect with the local influencers. It provides a platform to the influencers who put in the best of themselves to deliver the most valued services across various tourist destinations. At we have a large contact base of the knowledgeable locals across various cities and towns of major tourist destinations in Himachal as well as various unexplored places who commit to deliver a client focussed service thereby altering the travel experience enormously.

At we respect your choices and your time. Now, we know everybody wants value for money which is why we ensure credibility and compassion as the most desirable attributes to match you with your influencer. We commit to connecting our users purposefully to the most suitable influencer because we practice what we preach.
While you decide to get away from the hustle bustle of the overcrowded cities and live some moments in peace, know that Himachal always welcomes you into the laps of nature with a cool breeze and we are here to work it out for you.


We seek to provide you the most memorable experiences by making your way into the unimaginable and unexplored depths of the city you choose. Locals have also to render numerous experiences like hiking, local walks etc. that you could dive yourself into and witness the thrill.
We are devoted to change the travel affair altogether both for the hosts and our clients. Our vision is to make traveling less complex and a happy client is our priority.

Firstly, let me introduce you to the founder of LocalGuy,  Mr. Anuj Sharma. Localguy is the first recognized Start-up of Himachal Pradesh and it was lunched in November 2018 by Honourable Chief Minister Shri Jairam Thakur ji, in presence of Honourable Minister of Industries Shri Vikram Thakur ji and Honourable Minister of Education Shri Suresh Bharadwaj ji.



LocalGuy is a web based Software as a Service portal that enables local people of Himachal to become local hosts and offer activities directly to travelers.

•It’s aims to cater unorganized sector and enable micro – entrepreneurs in cities to connect directly with travelers and give travelers a chance to access the unexplored local experiences in a city/village which would be invisible on other tourism agency portal.
•It helps travelers discover local experiences in cities they travel and book them on the go.
•Local experts to host experience based activities on the portal with their profile attached and enables travelers to book the experiences according to duration , cost and interest.
•It aims to empower Local micro – entrepreneurs with micro – finance credit facilities depending upon their needs and profile.
•It is impacting the people throughout Himachal Pradesh and from past one month more than 200 people who have registered themselves as a local hosts on our portal.
•Localguy is a website where it helps the travelers to know about each and every places and also experiences outdoor activities.
So it becomes interesting when experiences is unique. And therr is  online booking available on the portal. So that you can connect with the host directly.