Famous Himachali Food -Cuisines of Himachal Pradesh

The Indian cuisine consists of diverse traditional dishes which vary from one region to the other. In the Indian sub-continent there is diversity of climate, soil, topography, culture, occupation etc. and all of these have an impact on the local food of India .

In Himachal Pradesh the food varies from one region to the other, because of the climatic conditions and topographical alignment.
The people of Himachal Pradesh have sabji, roti, dall, chawal, etc., in their normal meal, but on the special occasions the Famous Himachali Food Dham is prepared.
Dham is a traditional food festival celebrated by the people of Himachal Pradesh with great ecstasy.



Siddu & Ghee Traditional Himachali Food

Siddu is basically steamed wheat bun with fillings varying in flavor and ingredients. Siddu is best served steaming hot with
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Traditional Himachali Food spread Dham

Here in the Himachali Rasoi we are primarily offering a traditional festive spread called a Dham. Dham is served on
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The traditional dham differs in every region of the state.
In the lower regions of HP the dham consists of rice ,madra (a dish prepared with chik pea ,curd ,coconut  along with twenty spices) ,mash ki dall, chutney, and dessert.


Famous Himachali Food

Whereas, in the upper regions of Himachal Pradesh, mostly the areas of jubbal-rohru-kotkhai and the surrounding areas, a special dish called the siddu is prepared.
This dish is prepared by stuffing the fermented dough with special fillings like, soyabean, sesame seeds, afeem daana etc. Various types of pulses are also used as a stuffing . This dish is mostly served with ghee or mint chutney.

In a dham the siddu is basically a more delicious substitute of the roti .
One can have the siddu with with the main course meal or can have it as a proper meal along with ghee,curd or chutney .

The dessert of the dhams consist of kheer (made of rice and milk along with dry fruits) ,the halwa or sweet rice (made up of boondi or bread crums).
Various types of vegetables like pumpkin,aloo ki sabji, aloo-gobi ,mattar paneer are also served in a dham.

In some parts of Himachal Pradesh, puri and roti’s are also served .
And even the sweet roti known as malpude are also served .
The dham is prepared on special occasions like ceremonies, pujans ,weddings etc .
It is a complete meal to enjoy the traditional cuisine of himachal pradesh.
This dham is prepared by the people of himachal pradesh with love and joy and everybody is welcomed by the people of Himachal Pradesh to taste the delicious traditional food.


The dishes of himachal pradesh


Madra is a dish which belongs to the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. One can find this delicacy mostly prepared in the Chamba and Kangra districts of Himachal Pradesh. This dish is made using chickpeas, curd ,coconut and different varieties of spices, which enhance the flavour of the dish.
Madra is among one of the most loved dishes of Himachal Pradesh.

The himachali dham is a lunch meal served mostly in the parts of mandi ,chamba,bilaspur, solan and kangra district of Himachal Pradesh .The dham is prepared on special occasions and is a meal full of nutritional values .
The dham consists of rice ,dall, roti ,vegetables, dessert etc .The distinctive feature of this himachali delicacy is that it is prepared by a team of chef’s known as the ‘botis’.


Tudikiya bath

The tudkiya bath is very famous in the district of chamba. This rice is prepared by adding a takda to the rice along with spices, vegetables, curd ,coriander etc.
The tudkiya bath is a quick and delicious meal of the people of Himachal Pradesh.
This dish is accompanied by chutney, curd and drops of lime juice to add a tangy flavour to the dish .

Chha ghost

This is a lamb dish, having it’s origin in the chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.
This dish is prepared by marinating the lamb and then cooking it on a low flame . The gravy of this dish is made up of curd and gram flour .
This dish has various types of spices such as bay leaf ,curry leaf, ginger , garlic ,cardamom etc.



The siddu is one of the most famous himachali dish .
This dish is made by adding stuffing to the fermented dough and then it is steamed .
The siddu is served with ghee ,curd or chutney.
This dish is mostly made in shimla and kullu district of Himachal Pradesh .This dish also has a varied variety of stuffings in it .


Babru is a famous dish of the District Shimla .
This dish has a filling of black daal along with spices.
This babru is also called the bharwa puri and is served with vegetables.
Babru is the himachali version of kachoris, and is served with vegetables and corriander chutney.

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