Go for Apple Plucking in Orchards with Local hosts
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Apple Season is around the corner and the state of Himachal Pradesh is going to produce 3-4 Crore boxes of Apple alone this year according to trends from past years. Apple harvesting is an amazing time of the year when orchard owners go to every corner of their land to harvest the crop. Its green all around, cozy weather with mild showers sometimes and Apple all around.

The feeling of plucking a fresh fruit from the tree and biting it is just amazing! Gushing juice from the fresh fruit in your mouth gives you a refreshing taste as well as boosts your immunity.



So, why not go and join the local hosts from these orchards in the foot hills of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh and get the feel for yourself!! The season lasts for 3 months, July to Sept. in lower hills around Thanadhar, Narkanda and Kullu and Sept. to Nov. in upper hills of Kinnaur.

LocalGuy makes it easy for anyone to connect with local hosts and experience the place like a local with insider’s insights and information. Local hosts prepare local meal for the guests along with the walk in the orchards and the whole experience.

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