Exploratory Village walk with a local writer

We'll walk from Gyuto Karma Monastery (Sidhbari, 9km downhill from Dharamshala town to village Banordu from there along fields and streams of water.

Jubin Mehta
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Gyuto Karmapa Monastery
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About the Experience

The pick up point will be Gyuto Karma Monastery (Sidhbari, 9km downhill from Dharamshala town) which can be explored as a beginning point. I’ll take you to the village Banordu from there. We’ll walk down a hill (15 minutes) to my residence, which is in the middle of a lot of fields and there’s a stream that runs besides.

I have been living in the region from 6 years and have been living like a local, and hence can probably communicate the stories from the perspective of an outsider who has lived here. We can have an exchange of life journeys and I can share what I have learnt here. We will take a tour of the village also which has a panchakki (water operated mill) and the community springs.

I’ll share stories of these places and also introduce locals if and when we come across them during the walk. I’ve had some experience with faming and local eco-construction about which I can share. This walk/tour can also be customised and focus more on what you are interested in.


Jubin Mehta

I am a writer and explorer (of worlds outside and within) who moved to Dharamshala in 2012. Living in the village Banordu in lower Dharamshala,, I have written a small short story collection and run a community magazine- Saadho. I am interested in farming, eco-construction and hiking. Am happy to share stories of the region from the perspective of a city person who moved to the mountains.

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