Think tour guide may ruin the privacy? Get a Phone Tour Guide when you need one

As the trend of local experience while traveling has caught a great momentum amongst travellers, it’s always important to get information and help from informed locals or certified local guides in a place. Though, most of us rely upon modern tech and apps to get by, we often do not get detailed information on these apps when its about off-beat locations, new unexplored experiences and theme based travel.

What about my Privacy?

In such a case, an informed local person or a certified tourist guide is the safest and best way to go ahead! But What about your privacy? Taking a stranger along is not what everyone is comfortable with. Plus, when you are on a romantic get away with your partner, it gets awkward most of the times when maintaining the distance with the guides becomes difficult.

What about my Budget?

OK, I do not have a privacy issue with my guide on my travel but I do not have enough budget to hire a guide for all day long. Though, LocalGuy offers micro tours of a few hours, solving this issue, but even then, sometimes, people do not want to hire anyone personally and cut the cost.


The simplest answer is to keep reading more and more information, which might take you days, and weeks to plan a journey. On the other hand, booking an on call support local guide from LocalGuy is cost effective, easy to manage and the best solution with plethora of local knowhow to the guides on the call.

How it Works?

Its Simple!!

  • You just select the place you are travelling in, Click the offering that looks like the package below
  • Book the Phone Call Tour Guide in places you are travelling for a day
  • Your contact information is passed on to the certified guide and the guide call you on the phone number you provided. 
  • Make the payment online to the on-call support local guide 
  • Call the guide back every time you hit a road block and ask as many questions you want to about the place and possibilities of what all you could do.


Early Bird!

Phone Call Tour Guide in Himachal

Phone Call Support Local Tour Guide in Himachal  is an easy and cost effective way to simplify the travel experience.


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