Planning to visit Shimla? Read this before packing your bags

The scorching heat of the plains has led to the heavy inflow of tourists in Himachal Pradesh. The social media and the newspapers are submerged with pictures of long traffic jams occurring in Shimla due to the tourist vehicles.

The District Administration took a step ahead in order to solve this problem, so that no distress is caused to the people. So now, the tourist vehicles coming from Chandigarh and going beyond Shimla will be diverted from Shogi towards Dhalli. In the similar manner the tourist vehicles returning from stations beyond Shimla and heading towards Chandigarh will be diverted from Dhalli Bypass towards Shogi.



The administration has also imposed a ban on plying of pick-up vehicles between 7.45 AM and 10AM in Shimla.
Further, the schools will have to remain closed on all Saturdays in the month of June. Till 30th June, The Loreto Convent ,Tara Hall will open 10 minutes earlier at 8 AM and Auckland School will open at 8.30 AM.

The police will also be deployed at various places in order to check the wrongly parked vehicles. The police will also be seen patrolling in the NH.

Furthermore, the Tutikandi parking will also be used for the parking of tourist vehicles. The HRTC taxi’s will ply from Tutikandi every 10-15 minutes to carry the tourists to and from the town. The construction material will also not be allowed to be stagged on the road .
Magistrates have also been put on duty in oder to monitor the situations occurring in the city.

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