Real Story of the LocalGuy

LocalGuy came along as an idea from the founder’s very own experiences while traveling across India. Not a frequent traveler though, but when Anuj was out on a road trip with his friend Sahil on a Royal Enfield. “We had no plan what so ever”, said Anuj with an expression full of excitement on his face,” and yet we rented this machine (Royal Enfield ). Sahil had come to Shimla and it was a total surprise. The moment he landed, I was supposed to pick him up in my car, collect our gear, park the car and begin on our completely unplanned travel.”

Just to get an idea about which direction they must ride, Anuj called one of his mentors who runs a travel boutique company Being Out There. Dhananjay Ahluwalia (DJ Bhaai) just sent him a single message over Whatsapp with a rough idea of the route and phone numbers of a couple of Local Guys to call to manage stay and food at night fall. This whole incident made them feel the difference local people can make in a great experience.

About Author

Explore and Experience Places like Locals. Book Experiences hosted by Local People from a Place. This experience will be organised by a local host who confirms to possess legitimate license and paperwork approved by concerned administrative department to conduct the activity.


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