Explorers have been riding in the Himalayas for past many years and exploring places Shimla, Manali and Dharamshala. As these places get crowded and often pose major traffic jams, cars and buses get stranded for hours and bikers penetrate the jams and maneuver through the queues of vehicles.  For travellers who want to begin with their rides in the city of Shimla, Manal and Dharamshala, daily bike rentals are the best option!!

Bike on Rent & Bullet on Rent in Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala

bike on rent bullet on rent



Its upto one’s choice so as to rent ride a Royal Enfield or any other motor bike as needed, all you need is a valid driver’s license and pay some security deposits up in advance. Always keep the following things in mind while renting a bike in Himachal:

  1. Always Rent a bike from a verified vendor
  2. Check the bike for good condition, if you find and scratches and bruises, click pictures of it in your phone
  3. Only accept the bike if you find it in good quality
  4. Pay Security Deposit and ask for a receipt
  5. Check RC, Insurance and Pollution Check Papers of the vehicle.
  6. Plan your route and ask for break down support if provided by the vendor.


Renting a mountain bike or a motor bike that actually solves the purpose is a tough task to complete when you’re away from home traveling so hill station. Renting Mountain bike in Shimla or a motor bike which is in good quality and maintained by an expert is not just difficult but sometimes disappointing. Locals in Shimla have a high inclination towards mountain biking but very few service providers rent out for money and even they don’t keep many ready.

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To end this scarcity,  we’ve rather thought of creating a whole experience around mountain biking for leisure and availability. You can book a slot with a local experts who is well versed with local terrain, trails and brings a bike for you along with him. A LocalGuy is the best source of information about how locals explore the places around them and share with you the real story of the place.

Here are some options offered by local experts in Shimla. Starting from a single day of biking around Shimla to complete biking, Eating Lodging Experiences.