I am going to begin this conversation right from the issue itself!! No fluff, not stories. As we are observing the importance of conserving the natural resources, many more rules, laws and conventions are appearing for the cause of protecting the environment but there is no effective implementation. What’s missing?? Active Participation of youth!!  In this whole process of awareness and active conservation,  youth of the present will certainly play a vital role. Youth constitute a large part of the world’s population and the young generation can directly have an impact in simple ways which are more nature friendly by adopting recycled goods of different material as well as preserving natural resources, water and electricity.
Engaging youth in nature protection not only creates direct impact on changing youth behaviour and attitude but possibly influence their parents , relatives and families.

Today’s youth is brought up on new era where the natural disasters and issues relating to climate change have loomed large but still are kept under the cover by global media. Young generation is exposed to formal and informal environmental education but still stay largely unaware of the cause and effect of the climate change. Let’s take small examples. Youth engaging in outdoor activities  can maintain the cleanness of the pastures of high mountains, reduce pollution, avoid using one time usable plastic, carry waste back with them, etc .
Stringent acts like turn your back to products of companies who flout the rules, consumer boycotts and protests can be the most effective ways of expression, eventually causing companies to rethink their corporate strategy.

  • Apart from having a greater stake in the more distant future , youth are properly poised to promote nature awareness simply due to the fact that they often have better access to information about the environment than their elders.
  • They can introduce fresh ideas and outlooks to environment – related issues because anti – ecological ways of thinking and behaving are not ingrained in them.
  • A major reason why the youth ought to take the lead in protecting the nature is stronger awareness of the issues and a greater stake in long-term sustainability.
  • Commercialization in every aspects of life is severely affecting the youth of today.

In addition to these effects on the whole , technologies that increasingly distance people from the environmental effects of their consumption decision are growing with globalization , acting as an impediment to nature awareness. So, youth individually and as a part of organization should work jointly with other corresponding organizations so that the effectiveness of the efforts increase and anticipated result can be obtained. At last role should be directed to produce ecological citizens rather than green consumers.