During my visits to Shimla, one thing that I’ve always missed is the easy happy culture of small cafes that one enjoys in Manali, Chandigarh or even in Delhi. Though everyone goes to Shimla for its amazing climate, clean air and open skies, during stroll on the Mall Road, or walks around the city, only options you’re left with is Fine Dining, road side dhabas or old restaurants.

I recently came across a Cafe quietly sitting in the middle Bazaar down the stairs which are famous for Chhole Bhatoore, run by a young couple passionate about food and music. Cafe EBR is a new addition to the town and pretty much answers the question. When I visited this place for the first time, I actually had this thought that Cafe Culture in Shimla is giving itself a second Chance!


EBR Cafe


This new delight cafe is a small venture of a young couple out of Shimla, Shiven and his wife Vipasha. Shiven is a cheerful guy, a musician and finance industry expert before he started out with the cafe and Vipasha is a locally known professional dietician. The menu is healthy and planned by her keeping in view the health aspects of the food and offers a separate health menu to the health conscious!

The EBR Cafe offers Mexican and Italian food with a few experiments on Indian Street food. They also have Super fulfilling wraps and Salad Bowls. Do not forget to ask for Malaai Momos if you are serious about yummy experiments. If you want to feel extra special they even offer Detox Shots to get your  metabolism on track. Rs. 500 for two feeds you well.

Other Well known Cafes in the town have paved the way for new entrants by setting the tone. Wake n Bake, a cafe located on the Mall Road stands out to serve you Italian food.

Then there is Cafe Under Tree with its unique concept of interiors and and amazing location at the top of Shimla, nestled in the middle of deodar trees behind the famous Jakhoo temple, you’ll not find new anything in terms of food, but its a fantastic place to chill with your dear ones.

Cafe Shimla Times is one place that won’t let you miss the glitz of the Cafes in big cities. They offer you a variety of food and Bottled Beer.

If you’ve been an old timer to Shimla, you must be missing the Park Cafe that once served as the centre of youngster’s retreat in the town but closed at the moment. Apart from these places, Shimla as a town didn’t have anything to boast about any place as a Cafe that you could enter carefree and enjoy.


Cafe under Tree

Cafe culture seems to take a grip in the once colonial town of Shimla with youngsters showing their interest in culinary arts.


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