Himachal Pradesh is a peaceful and quiet state with very friendly local residents. People are welcoming and seldom create any trouble to the tourists. You should be mindful about the following things when you come to Himachal Pradesh:

  1. Avoid indulging with commission agents and explore the local attractions in the state.
  2. Be kind to local community, connect with as many locals as possible and ask them for recommendations about local experiences in Himachal.
  3. Find reviews of local businesses on internet before making bookings.
  4. Use information provided by Tourism Information Centres setup by Tourism Department.
  5. Find Local Experiences rather than touristy destinations and experiences.
  6. Keep enough cash handy because you will not find al lot of local businesses accepting digital payments.
  7. Try to visit Himachal during fruit crop seasons mostly ranging from April to October other than the snowy winters.

For more information check out local experiences hosted by locals on the LocalGuy | Local Experiences by Local Hosts

Picnic and SightSeeing at Bhanuti Near Shimla

Simple, a short walk through the forest to enjoy the beauty of nature, best for photography and camping.
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Plant a tree in Shimla | Leave Trees not Trash behind

Take this activity and we'll take you to the nearest green zone where you can plant a a sapling, which
per booking

Cycling Through Mashobra and Rafting in Chabba

Shimla with its network of natural trails is a cyclist’s delight. Cycling through forests and small villages and quaint hamlets;
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Bike and Hike Adventure Bashleo Pass, Jalori Pass, Tirthan Valley

Cradled within a yet untouched forest heartland, the Jalori Pass offers Nature’s breathing life– bountiful flora and fauna amidst the
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Kasol, Tosh & Kheerganga with Local People

Breathing, Eating and Walking on the Nature's lap. Mesmerizing Kasol, Tosh and Kheerganga Trekking and camping is one way to leave

Mountain Biking in Country Side around Shimla

Splashing through waterfalls, streams and rivers enjoy an outdoor lunch by a riverside and drive back with wonderful Himalayan memories.
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We all love watching one of the highly rated reality shows on television, “Man vs Wild” featuring Bear Grills as a survival skills expert who demonstrates skills to survive in inhumane conditions and circumstances where normal people give-up hopes of survival.

How would it be if we had such an expert of mountains and outdoors here in India and we could go out in his guidance and test our survival skills, walk under the stars, forage for food and build a shelter with hands and minimum tools? Well, its very much possible.

Link : Survival Skills Weekend Camp by Pranav (limited spots)

If you remember watching a video of two determined men climbing  a frozen waterfall in Himalayas, one of them is Pranav Rawat, an avid mountaineer and survival expert who’s back with his Survival Night Weekend Wilderness Fun in the GiriGanga camp.

In Pranav Rawat’s words,”My recent endeavor was India’s epic frozen waterfall climb where I climbed the Shela waterfall (260 ft, WI4). Near Kaza town, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. With over a decade spent in the mountains, independent exploration has been the focus of my mountaineering career. I am gradually foraying into alpinism and ice climbing, trying to push the boundaries of the sport in context of our country.”


He further adds,”Survival Night Weekend Wilderness Fun is all about making different type of light weight shelter with available materials and have to survive whole night in Nov cold. The program is more about have fun and adventure and test your limits and go beyond your imagination of sleeping outside in the wilderness.”

If you are up for an adventure and want to test your survival skills in mountains with an expert, you don’t have to wait anymore.

Link : Survival Skills Weekend Camp by Pranav (limited spots)