Local Food

Explore Manali Local Sightseeing

We will take a tour to Explore Manali, Local Sightseeing and major sightseeing opportunities around the Valley and Mountains.

Home Cooking Class Himachali Traditional Food

We'll teach you how to cook the famous Himachali dishes named Siddu, Dham and Babru also known as Pakain with

Waterfall Homestay Panjog Weekend Getaway around Shimla

Waterfall Homestay Panjog offers an amazing experience of cozy and comfortable stay, pristine view of the Shimla Hills, Hike to

Digital Detox Camping under the Stars and Open Skies

Digital Detox Camping under the Stars and Open Skies is an Alpine Experience, one of a kind that takes you

Apple Plucking in Himalayan Orchards

Apple Plucking in Himalayan Orchards. I'll take you on an amazing experience of plucking fruits, in this case, Apples in

Siddu & Ghee Traditional Himachali Food

Siddu is basically steamed wheat bun with fillings varying in flavor and ingredients. Siddu is best served steaming hot with

Traditional Himachali Food spread Dham

Here in the Himachali Rasoi we are primarily offering a traditional festive spread called a Dham. Dham is served on